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Scandinavia Publishing House specializes in co-production of illustrated children's books, children's Bibles, illustrated Bibles and inspirational and gift books.



The Amazing Carpenter Series 

A series to bring you up-close and personal with the amazing life of Jesus!




The One Month Handy Bibles 

The Bible comes alive each day of the month and all the year through in this special collection. 



The Children's Bible, KJV 

This classic, bestselling Bible is now released with KJV text inside.




The Christmas Star 

This is a warm and simple retold Christmas Story with a star that lights up!



My First Sticker Bible 

A full sticker Bible with more than 120 stickers.




Reading Book Series 

The Story of Noah's Ark from the Reading Book Series is a great tool to get children to learn in a fun way.



Heroes Who Changed the World 

All 10 Heroes of Faith & Courage books gathered in one book.




Timeless Words Series 

When you want to say more than just “Thank you” or “Praying for you,” the little books from this series will express your concern for those you cherish and love.



How Great is Our God 

“How Great is Our God” is a series of beautiful art books showing the scale, beauty and mystery of the Creator and Sustainer of it all – our God.  




Children's Activity Bibles 

Here is a Bible that teaches children what God’s Word says while engaging them in fun and challenging activities.