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Our new apps are coming soon:

Adventure Bible

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Our exciting new apps are coming soon!

We are working on completely redesigned apps and they will be launched soon.
See a preview here: 


Adventure Bible App – The Complete Retold Bible in 30 Books and Audiobooks

The Adventure Bible App is a complete series of illustrated Bible books with all the great adventure stories of the Bible.

  • Children will discover inspiration and encouragement and will grow closer to their relationship with God.
  • The app covers the complete Bible - over 650 Bible stories full of adventures of kings and heroes, of escapes and battles, of journeys, new places, people, and amazing happenings.
  • More than 450 beautiful illustrations by best-selling illustrator José Pérez Montero.
  • Retold by award-winning writer Anne de Graaf in a faithful and clear language.

The Adventure Bible App includes:

  • All the great stories from Adam and Eve to the apostle John’s vision of a new world.
  • Read it Myself and Read to Me modes.
  • Kid-friendly navigation.

Don't miss out this incredible app!


Kids Bible App – 24 Bible Books & Audiobooks 

The Kids Bible App is a great introduction to the Bible for beginners. 

  • The app contains 24 of the most cherished stories of the Bible, from God makes the World to the story about the apostle Paul, retold for preschoolers.
  • Short sentences, little words, simple details, and a humorous and engaging style make this a very special Bible for beginners.
  • Children will love to follow the little narrative animal and watch Noah building the ark or Jesus healing sick people! They will have fun listening to the stories and waving, winking, hopping, roaring, or enjoying many of the other activities the stories suggest. 
  • Engaging illustrations by bestselling illustrator José Pérez Montero. 
  • Retold by award-winning writer Anne de Graaf with biblical accuracy and clear language. 
  • The printed version of this series has sold several million copies in over 25 different languages all over the world. 

The Kid’s Bible App includes:

  • Read It Myself and Read to Me modes.
  • Kid-friendly navigation.

This app is the perfect tool to get young children interested in the Bible!